I write clear, compelling copy to help business tell their story. Here’s how it works:

Business is the story of people solving problems for other people.

Business owners often need help bringing those stories to life – what they do, why they do it and how they do it better and different than anyone else. That’s where I come in. I’m a freelance business writer who can help you attract more customers by telling your story in a compelling way.

Whether you’re looking for web content, case studies, white papers, traditional feature and news articles, blogs or social media content, I can make your business stand out.

My name is Benjamin Hoak.

You should know I have six kids. If I can keep their attention every day, I’m sorry, but writing content for you is not as difficult.

That said, I’m a first-class professional writer, with 15 years of experience in the business world to back up the words I produce.

My background includes stints in business and entrepreneurship, the energy industry, journalism, higher education and public policy, plus some science and sports for good measure.

I’ve written for print, for the web, for newspapers, for marketing, for blogs, for social media, for magazines, for newsletters, for audiences from the smallest kids to the most powerful CEOs.

What all this means for you is that I can bring any subject to life with clear, compelling content designed to move customers to action.

Whether you need new web content describing your business, a case study to show how you’ve solved challenges or someone to ramp up your company blog, I can help.

Get in touch so we can start planning your next move. You need to tell your story – let’s get started!

Ben Hoak,
Dad of Six, Writer of Stories


“We have worked with Ben Hoak on a number of writing and content projects, from web content to how-to guides, and he always delivers excellent results. Even on complex projects, Ben hits every deadline and meets all expectations. His writing is outstanding, and he does a great job of hitting the right tone for every project. Plus, he is a complete professional. We love working with Ben.”

Brian Hamby
Manager of Marketing, Owensboro Health